Ford Fusion Police Responder

Ford Police Responder TM Hybrid Sedan 
Ideal for local patrol use, the Ford Police ResponderTM Hybrid Sedan provides a capable option that delivers multiple potential benefits. These include potential fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions, * as well as potentially fewer fill-ups - resulting in less vehicle downtime to keep your vehicles and officers on the road.

Police Responder Hybrid Pricing
Purpose-built for the police duty cycle, the Police Responder Hybrid Sedan's hybrid powertrain can offer significant potential fuel savings compared to traditional police cruisers. Its lithium-ion hybrid battery can also provide added benefits when considering the unique idling demands of day-to-day police use. See just how these potential savings can benefit your community by using this convenient calculator.

Police Interceptor Durability
Tough. Capable. Purpose-built and upfit-ready. With on-the-job learning gained from the duty-tested Police Interceptor,® our years of experience in the field have taught us the unique durability and reliability requirements that police use demands. But that's nothing new. Ford has been trusted by American law enforcement since 1950.

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